The Astoria Column


A Celebration of Historic Proportions

It has been said that the settlement of Astoria in 1811 was crucial to America’s claim to the Northwest Territory. Without it, the entire Pacific Northwest might well be Canadian. The founding of Astoria is truly significant to United States we know today and it is well worth commemorating and celebrating.

Astoria ColumnLook back to Astoria’s Centennial in 1911 to see the enduring effect a community celebration of this magnitude can have. That event resulted in the purchase of Coxcomb Hill as a city park, which in 1926 became the site of the most iconic symbol of the Lower Columbia region – the Astoria Column.

The Astoria Bicentennial, An Adventure in History, promises to be equally monumental. Be sure to take part in the festivities that are planned throughout the year and learn about the Astoria Bicentennial Legacy Gift, The Garden of Surging Waves. And, of course, no bicentennial celebration would be complete without a visit to the Astoria Column to relive the events that made our city such an important part of American history.

2011 Astoria Bicentennial Information
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